Aurelian (born January 19, 1999) is a pegasus mare born and raised in Ponyville. After working for several years as a member of the Ponyville Weather Team, she was recruited into the Shadowbolts. Now, she works both jobs to maintain her cover.


Aurelian was born in Ponyville to two working parents, who weren't around much to look after her. One day as a young filly, she wandered off into the Everfree Forest and was missing for several hours. She was later found unconscious in the forest, a strange mark covering the entirety of her right leg, a strange cutie mark on her left. Aurelian has no recollection of what happened, and the source of the strange mark has not yet been identified.

As a teenager, she began to work for the Ponyville Branch of the Cloudsdale Weather Factory, starting as a cloud pusher, but soon working her way up the ranks, eventually being promoted onto the prestigious Sunset Team.

One day, her flying skills on weather duty impressed an employee of Princess Luna, who recommended her to the Shadowbolts. She now works both jobs in an attempt to cover up the fact that she works for the crown.

Cutie Mark

Auri CM

Aurelian's cutie mark is on her left flank only, the mark on her right leg seeming to replace it. The mark seems to be a magic sigil shaped in the appearance of wings. Its meaning, and her special talent, is currently unknown, as no one was present when it was conceived.

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