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Aura Rain as Torrent Sky

Aura Rain is a pegasus mare born in Cloudsdale. She now works as a weather pony in Ponyville.


As a young filly, Aura ran away from home in Cloudsdale due to the pressure of her family urging her to take up her father's vocation at the weather factory. She loved the freedom and a job at the factory, would have meant for her to be cooped up inside a building all day long. She realized this when she gained her cutie mark on a school trip.

On that school trip to a weather control office on the ground , her unruly self thought, it would hilarious to snatch away a couple of clouds and play with them. She did not, however, realize that sticking a couple of clouds together and using her innate weather magic on them, would make them volatile...

And with a boom, she had created a storm that had even impressed the head of the local weather office. Despite it giving her her cutie mark, her parents were unhappy. This would make convincing her to take over her father's position even harder.

At some point, all the pressure got to her and one night, she just left. Wandering off to nowhere in particular, she encountered a strange and mysterious unicorn, who promised her to change her fate.

Quite naive, Aura thought it would mean that her parents wouldn't insist on her taking over her father's job... but it is not what the spell did.

Cast from an ancient tome, the spell changed her appearance, completely. She even lost her name, cursed to be Torrent Sky until the curse is undone.

Aura's time as Torrent Sky

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