Astro Blast is the athletic type. Loves swimming, climbing, and obviously flying. She's not super girly or a tomboy, she's an even balance - somewhere in between the two. She prefers the company of her stallion friends, the (..not all.) mares are usually too obnoxious for her taste. Sometimes she'll dress up, in lace and silks, but most of the time she's happy just as she is.


Astro is calm,shy, and cheerful most the time, laughing, having fun and really kind to most that approach her.
She brushes off negative easily, though she does have trouble at times with doing that when words have cut into her too deeply. She can have a rather sharp tongue when she is angry, which maybe derived if pushed far enough to be angry being she is not that easy to anger.


Astro lived a mostly normal life in Cloudsdale but for some other colts that bullied her about having such a dark
color mane, that she adventurously snapped at and made a bit of a scene in the school yard that got the three of them in trouble.Most her school life afterward was mostly calm, in till she went into flight academy on their first night flight run where she became the first in his class to receive her cutie mark.Streaking though the sky with his with the temporary burst of stars streaking behind her she never felt more happy, till the flash of light the was her cutie mark appearing.For sometime as a filly in the flying academy she wanted to be one of the night guards, but was too fearful to try out being she felt they would never accept him, plus the bullying from other colts and filly's about her color mane made her feel she'd never be accepted due to not looking like the other knights.
She graduated, but was not the best flyer in his class but she was up there with the best flyers. She started working for the night weather crew of Willow Valley, which made it where others see her during weird times of the day or even night.

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