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Arwing is a pony who never lie. Despite its appearance of brainy, Arwing can sometime goes for an expedition to research the rares insects in the most remote corners of Equestria ! He receiving his degree to become an entomologist at the age of 21 years.



Arwing was hardly interested for the recreation in his primary... He preferred to watches the evolution of an ants colony.

Again later in his youth, his half-sister Roseate had to leave the family for her education. Arwing was very sad... but fews years later, he goes at Canterlot for his studies too ! Arwing was very happy when he hears that !


Today Arwing has a degree in entomology and he opens two insectaries. One into Cloudsdale and the other in Ponyville. In his Insectaries, you can find a lots of rares specimens of insects from all Equestria ! However, he musts often makes great expedition to find these insects.

Cutie Mark

It all started when Arwing adopt a little caterpillar. He loved her so much that he take him to school every day in his jar. But one day, during a school day went Arwing recovered its caterpillar and she was gone. All that was left of her was a white linen clusters. Sad and tired, Arwing brought the jar at home in his room. Who knows, maybe she'll come back, what he said. At night, Arwing heard crackling noises coming from the jar. He immediately exit from his bed and lit a candle to see better and his surprise, he views an amazing butterfly in its bowl. That's when he realized that the caterpillar had never gone and at the same time, his cutie mark was appeared!


Best friend

The bests friends of Arwing are Cupi and Peach Leaf.


Bugger is a rat which was discovered by Arwing during one of these expeditions. Even if it is a rat, he still charming! Its principal asset is his generosity and kindness. Never he will try to bite you ! But today.... He can talk.... by the poison joke !

Bugger (by @flamfly)