Argus Persimone is a fun and very loving griffon that was shuned from his family after losing a race to his older sister Jasmine Stealwing. The race came to be because Argus' sister doesnt like that Argus is not like an avrage griffon. She challenged him to a loser leaves race. Argus declined but after his brother Razor and his best friend Rugaard pressured him into doing it so they can get rid of Jasmine, he accepts. Argus was winning the race around Cloudsdale where he grew up and lived until one bad mistake and he crashed breaking his wing and passing out for a total of 3 days.Upon waking Argus finds that he is no longer welcomed at his home. Razor and Rugaard tried to argue it bud Argus (being true to his bet) left a few days later. He traveled around the areas and towns near Cloudsdale until he found Ponyville. He ran into a very kind pony by the name of Azure Helm and he led Argus to his home called the HillHouse where Argus stayed for a few weeks. One day a few weeks later Argus ran into another griffon named Gilda. He was automaticly passive and tried to avoid her but she picked up on him from a mile away. Eventually she brought him to the Grand Ovation Theater where he meets North Star, Keylime, Anvil, Coldsnap, and Jason Vorhooves. After showing his talent with playing the bass and singing he was brought on to work for the theater. Argus was allowed to live at the theater so he left the Hillhouse and moved into the theater. From there Argus begins to feel like he has a place once again. He has a new family and he is happy.

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