Ardent Edge is a Knight of Friendship under Captain Brave Soul and Princess Twilight Sparkle. She shares a talent and passion for ice skating and the winter season.


A single child, Ardent Edge was raised practically inside the Canterlot walls. Her father is a retired throne guard for Princess Celestia, while her mother still works in Princess Luna's maid services.

Cutie Mark

Her cutie mark is an iced-over horseshoe on a frozen puddle.


Born and raised in Canterlot, Ardent began her physical training alongside her father whenever he allowed, beginning when she was a foal of merely five years old. At the age of 11, she enlisted into her local school's ROTC program for Celestia's Guard. After completing graduation, she advanced into the beginning ranks of Her Majesty's honorable throne-guards. She remained here until Princess Twilight's coronation, in which she requested a transfer to open her horizons outside of the city walls.


As a filly, she participated in a multitude of different figure skating events and even won first place in the youngest division at age seven. This was how she earned her cutie mark.

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