A simple old pegasus living in Cloudsdale, Equestria. Born in winter storm, and once in the Wonderbolts Academy, she is here today a simple old pegasus with everyday tasks! :-)


Aqua Rain being the oldest in her family, is currently living in Cloudsdale, Equestria. She was born in the most extreme winter storm Equestria has ever got! Skip forwarding to the best day ever! She got accepted in the Wonderbolts Academy, it was her first day and she was saying goodbye to all of her sisters (4). Finally she cried and hugged her mama and papa. Then she flew off to the Academy! She was tested, trained, and even found some new friends and some new enemies. Flawing with her personality and her birth of her wing being damaged she tried her hardest, but she didn't get accepted. Now to these days, she's just a simple pegasus living in a house trying to keep it easy with her wing.


Aqua Rain has a unique personality she has Anger Issues most ponies say. And it's true on her birth there was something off, her wing was damaged, and she was very cranky they decided to probably check more on that in a few months. So they did and turned out she had Anger Issues! To calm down her anger issues problems, she mostly reads or writes.

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