Always grew up in an orphanage out in the middle of no where. She never knew who her birth parents were. When she was at the orphanage she made a frend and helped plan her wedding thus getting her the cutie mark she has as a heart. When she ran away from the orphanage going from town to town. A day when it was storming out side she went inside a cave that was also home to a dragon. Surprising she became friends with the dragon. She helped him find love and he gave her money in return for the help. She then continued her journy and ended up in ponyville staying at the inn. One of the first ponies she met was was Treble Riff. The blue pony treated Always with great respect and they formed a bond of friendship that has become very strong. One day when she was a school she met Unmei. after talking for a while Unmei tooke her in and raised her as her own.


Always disapeared for a really long time just trying to figue things out. She retearned home and has grown more mature. She live with her adopitive mother, Umnei, and her adpotive father, Moondog, and brother Marty. She is trying to work her way into things after being gone so long. 


Always is a pegasus with a white coat, blue green eyes, and has red hair accented with peach colored highlights. She is very kind and had a bad tendancy with crashing.

Talents and Cutie Mark

Her cutie mark is a simple red heat. She dreams of being a wedding planner and has a natural talent of telling if two ponies are in love.

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