Alto is a shy, musically-inclined Unicorn pony, as well as a cousin of Lyra.


Alto was born in Manehattan with two parents and no siblings. He was one of those kids that perfectly fit in, but didn't have that many friends. The reason? He was very shy. He didn't want to do anything with friends, just sit at home and work on things to his liking. His parents, eventually, sent him out for The Pony Acedemy in Trottingham. He got above average grades, and he realized in those few years that his talents were sheet music writing and playing band instruments (Bass instruments are his forte.)

Once he graduated, Alto didn't really know what to do with himself. He tried and tried again to get his music published, but most of it was rejected. He also couldn't make a living on-stage, because of his ever-growing stage fright. So, he left Trottingham. His acedemy, his parents. For good.

He wondered around different cities, not liking any of them for different reasons. Mostly because they didn't appriciate music. But, when he stumbled on Ponyville, not only were the ponies the friendliest he had ever met, but they already had two musicians! He also met his cousin, Lyra there, which was a deciding factor to stay in Ponyville. He is still quite shy, but has always been happy since.

Cutie Mark

Alto cutie mark!

Alto's cutie mark.

Alto's cutie mark is the symbol that stands for  the Alto clef in sheet music. He gained it while he was writing some saxophone music, in that clef. To this day, he has no idea why it's a grey color.
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