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Alsephina Almar is a male unicorn residing in Canterlot. He currently works as an artist, but also deals in collecting, appraising, and curating art. Alsephina also holds a faculty position at Manehattan University and occasionally volunteers at the Library of Magic.


Alsephina is a unicorn stallion standing at a similar height and build to Fancy Pants or Shining Armor. He has grey fur and a cyan mane that is partially roached at the back and styled into large curls. His usual attire consists of a white collared shirt under a black or grey vest and a cyan tie, as well as long black dress pants that cover his mark completely. He also wears a black cloak most of the time, unless the weather is hot.


Alsephina was born into a very affluent unicorn family in Canterlot. He showed early intellectual promise and enjoyed art above all else, gaining his cutie mark at a young age by demonstrating preternatural eyesight. His parents were heavily embedded into the Canterlot high society scene and took him to the Garden Party, the Grand Galloping Gala, etc. etc.; however, he was slow to socialize and did not adapt well to such stifling social environments. Additionally, as Alsephina matured, his body grew naturally to a height and weight unusually above average for his sex and species; he enjoyed it, but his parents feared that his great size would put others off and dampen his prospects of high society success. They eventually began to see him as baggage and feared the perceived damage to the family’s reputation.

Shortly after Alsephina enrolled in the School for Gifted Unicorns hoping to find like-minded ponies, his parents left him the vast majority of their wealth and estate, under the guise of business but with no clear explanation. (Alsephina is still in the dark as to the real reason.) After finishing his studies, Alsephina was offered a teaching tenure at the school, which he took for a few years before returning to the estate and beginning to reoccupy himself with the arts and magic. His career then took him to Manehattan, where he studied visual art at Manehattan University, and he had garnered some acclaim as a visual artist by the time he graduated.


Alsephina often comes across as suave, gentlemanly, and sometimes steely or intimidating, but may mask inner insecurities or mistrust. Although it often remains hidden, he has a fighting instinct to defend others, one he discovered after a harrowing encounter with changelings ten years ago redefined his outlook on life. He is perhaps overly polite to many folks, endeavoring to use correct styles and formalities at all times, but does not care much about them being applied to himself. If he acts coldly to others, it is more pensively or introspectively rather than from a place of malice, which is to say he tends to dwell in his own head. He usually speaks in a very formal, sometimes archaic idiolect, even to close friends.

Alsephina is perseverant, hardworking and has a strong sense of justice and truth, giving others the sense that he is a no-nonsense pony who prefers to keep his head down and work hard. As somepony with a supernatural sense of visual perception which he has used in multiple departments, from appraising artworks to proofreading documents, he tends to see things the way they are, yet may not always have the courage not to sugarcoat it if he doesn’t need to. Alsephina greatly values his dignity and will remain calm even in grave situations, at least outwardly, unless he or someone close to him is in grave danger. He has a fairly obvious taste for the finer things and often takes his status for granted.


  • Alsephina’s given name is based on the common name of a star, Delta Velorum, named after the Arabic السفينة al-safīnah “the ship”. His surname is from Arabic مهر mahr “pony”, homographic with Arabic مهر mahara “be skilled, be proficient, be useful” and Persian مهر mehr “kindness, love, friendship, mercy”.
  • Alsephina is an adept magic user, but his abilities are for the most part support and utility spells organized around his special talent (his eyesight); thus, most of his magical ability consists of seeing or perceiving (i.e. seeing through walls, creating small portals, sizing up opponents, etc.) and he only has a few offensive magic techniques. He avoids combat if he can, but has been known to use it when in grave danger or in an emergency.
  • He was a classmate and childhood friend of Fleur de Lis, with whom he tied for valedictorian at the School for Gifted Unicorns.
  • His birthday is July 28.