All Seeing is a pony who does enjoy analyzing and studying ponies' behaviour. He also got the ability to understand animals through a twisted event.


All Seeing, who is often refered to as "AS", is a normal built stallion with a thing for cooking and analyzing. He recently moved to Brayton, as he didn't have any business left in Ponyville. He's trying to become a teacher and is happily living by himself.


All Seeing originally comes from Manehattan. When he was young, his parents noticed how he enjoyed observing his toys and ponies he met. He could sit for hours just looking at a block, trying to figure out its purpose.

When All Seeing was 8 years old, he decided to go explore the world. He had already earned his cutie mark and he wasn't doing well in school (there were so much that distracted him from his studies). He thought that if he went to explore the world, he would have a lot of stories to tell when he came back to Manehattan.

All Seeing traveled for many many years, meeting lots of new friends and learning about different cultures throughout Equestria. He did get into some trouble every now and then. He also had to get a temporary job in every town he visited.

After exploring most of Equestria, he went back to Manehattan for a quick visit at his parents house, and traveled to Ponyville, where he lived for about 8 months before moving to Brayton where he now resides.


All Seeing is one of the most talented analyzers in Equestria (there are several more, only a few who are better than him), when he isn't analyzing he will most likely cook, read or sit in the local café and observe everyone. Just watch when he analyzes someone and you'll see why he is one of the best in Equestria. All Seeing acquired the skill of talking to animals through a strange event in Ponyville.

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