Aliax is a turned blue batpony who likes smiling everyday and have friends. He's Prench, moved and now lives in Ponyville with the hope to have the friends he never had in Prance. He hates to see ponies sad. He currently works as a royal animator for princess Luna.


When he was young, Aliax was sad and shy, because during his foalhood, he was alone and he hates being alone even today.

Now he changed a lot, he's still a bit shy, but after he meets a new pony, he's kind and always smiles. But his smile hides his sadeness of when he was young. So sometimes, he could cry a bit.

He now tries to make everypony smile by smiling himself, and makes them happy.


Aliax was born in Prance as a unicorn, he got raised by his mum and dad but never had a brother or sister, at least thats what he thought at first. He was really shy and didn't speak a lot. When he was at school, everypony started to laugh at him, he didn't know why. So he started to be sad and alone.

At 10, he decided to stop being sad and ignore the other ponies. He then decided to always smile, no matter what happen to him. A few months after that, he saw a pony who was sad, like how he was before, he came to the pony and gave to him his best smile. That pony felt better and was happy to see Aliax, this is how Aliax's cutie mark appeared.

At 18, he decided to move to an another place, and so he moved to Ponyville, wanting to have new friends and have a new life.

After a few months at Ponyville, he decided to change and became a Batpony by drinking a special permanent potion.


Aliax special skills is, of course, to make everypony smile and happy. But he has some others skills, like flying pretty fast or stay awake for a long time; and he can see in the dark.


  • His nickname is Aliax.
  • He hates seeing ponies sad.
  • He has difficult to understand other ponies...
  • ...because his first language is Prench, not English.
  • The only friend he had before was his teddy bear.
  • He can feel if a pony is sad
  • ...


Aliax with best friends

Aliax, Thunder and Nova together

Aliax werepony

Aliax as a werepony

Aliax before

Aliax before he turned

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