Agrippa Glimmershine is a female Pegasus who lives in Ponyville, a small two story home near the Everfree forest. Where she works on her potions, and singing. She offers her services as a healer usually free of charge. Agrippa was born under the name Glimmershine in Cirruston to her father, Flutterblast, and mother, Laurel Bloom. She grew up with a relatively posh lifestyle since her father was the head of the weather control facility for a time. Her father was attempting to prepare her for a job in the facility, but decided against it when she used what he'd taught her to create rain on the stage in her senior Musical. Her cutie mark is known as a clapperboard, an item used in Applewood shows to help indicate when a scene was to begin. It indicates her special talent, which is acting. She earned her cutie mark participating in a Hearth's Warming play as a filly. Though specially talented at acting she is also experienced in other aspects related to the job, from lighting and sound, to directing and casting. Another skill she picked up and quickly fell in love with was potion making, and the art of medical care, in one of her productions she twisted her hoof, and the director, a Zebra mare named Zera, mixed a few plants together and created a potion to numb the pain while she wrapped Glimmershine's hoof. The potions and their affects enthralled her, and she began studying the art of potion making.

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