Aerion Featherquill is a pegasus mare living in Ponyville.


Aerion was born in Ponyville. When she got her cutie mark, her parents recognized her unique talent, and they moved to Great Braytain so she could get a specialized education. She has just graduated and moved back to Ponyville, where she is confused by all the weirdos that moved in while she was gone.

Explanation of Talent

All ponies have magic. The magic is just specialized based on what species the pony is. Unicorns, obviously, channel their magic through their horns to cast spells. Earth ponies magic flows through their body, giving them added strength and speed, as well as a connection with the earth. Pegasi magic flows through their wings, giving them flight. It also flows through their hooves, letting them manipulate and stand on clouds. Aerion's talent allows her to manipulate her pegasus magic and channel it in ways that normal pegasi cannot do. Through intense concentration, she can will the magical power through her hooves and into specially designed spell sheets, which can hold and cast magic. To cast spells, very detailed and specific runes must be drawn on the sheets. These instruct the magic charged into it what to do. Casting spells causes her magic to deplete, so if she casts hard magic she can't fly or stand on clouds until the magic is replenished.

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