Aaron Skyrider is an ambitious, blue-haired pegasus pony. Originally from Cloudsdale, he currently lives in a cloudhome just off the eastern outskirts of Ponyville. Reckless and sometimes stubborn to accept the aid from others, he is also a selfless and a friendly pony.


The pegasus is blue - his coat vibrant and bright enough to make him blend into the sky when seen from down below. His hooves sport unshorn fetlocks, which are also clean and neatly trimmed, giving an image of a generally well-kept pony.

Aaron's mane is rather slick and most often held to the back, with a single strand of hair messily falling down his face from time to time. The hair itself is two-toned, a mixture of a brighter-blue hue and a line of silver. His tail, too, seems ragged from the constat flights he enjoys to perform.

Finally, Aaron's wings are an impressive display - they are both well-developed and clean, clearly the centerpiece of his daily morning routine. The pony takes great bride in his feathers.


A secondary pair of wings is prominently displayed on both of his flanks - his cutie mark, symbolizing prowess in flight.

Skyrider does not normally wear any clothing, preferring to go out in the nude - he justifies his opinion by saying that accessories would simply provide needless air resistance and constrict his flying abilities.


As mentioned before, Aaron is a selfless pony. For all intents and purposes, the pegasus puts the well-being of others ahead of his own, with varying degrees of success. He has been brought up in a way that shaped him to be a strong-willed and independent pony. In comparison to others of his kind, this puts him sightly aloof, as for reasons known only to himself Aaron is against comparing himself via challenges or racing.

He is not without faults, however. Solitary lifestyle and pony-oriented approach has left him reckless, easily rushing head-long into challenges he may not possibly overcome for the sake of others. He is hard to persuade, stubborn in his ideas. This, too, rolls unto other flaws, making him perhaps too prideful to accept help of others with his own problems.

Nevertheless, Aaron is a generally friendly pony and is eager to support others with a hearty smile.

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