Her name is A.L.I. which stands for Artificial Lifelike Intelligence. She is an A.I. Prototype recovered and repaired by Shadowblur. She currently has a Mrk. 3 unit which takes the form of an earth pony. New units are in development. She was created for field use with the occasional navigational and command use, but now she does whatever she wants. Likely to get into some type of trouble and damaging her unit and creating another job for Shadowblur.


She has a chill tone and sometimes will be a smartypants. Is a bit over enthusiastic at times but is really fun to hang with.






Side Note

(P.S. Sorry if I forgot a name, it was late when I did this. Just DM  mlp_Shadowblur if I forgot your name and I'll add you in later. BUT you must actually know her OC in RP. I will run your names by her to see if she recognizes your name. If not, and you are a random then your name will not be added to the "Friends" category. -Shadowblur)

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