Chanc'a Meatballs

Chanc'a is a peach pegasus with an extremely messy red mane. Her cutie mark is a tomato sauce cloud raining spaghetti noodles and meatballs, one of her first pranks.

Chanc'a Meatballs is a prankster extraordinaire. You barely see her without a canister of whipped cream or some other thing to prank ponies with. She loves pranking, loves to laugh (at or with ponies), but she's-quote-on-quote-'a prankster; not a jerk.'

Chance is a very friendly pony, too. She's very sociable and kind and she's always ready to lend a helping hoof. She's lazy, but she's slightly hyper-active when she's awake.

Chancy loves to prank her brother, Partly Cloudy. He's her twin, but still younger than her by 2 minutes. He's the exact opposite of her, but they're still great friends.

Chance is mainly her brother's guardian. He makes sure she doesn't blow up the town with a prank and she makes sure that he doesn't get beat up. (Because only she can do that)

Chance doesn't have one of those sad histories. Chance was born, twins with her brother as mentioned, into a happy home in Hoofton. Both parents were there-both pegasi-and they took care of their foals well. Chance got through school as a straight B student, a pretty average grade. 

Chance started pranking after getting her cutie mark, having poured tomato sauce over a cloud and filled it with noodles and meatballs. Chance then kicked the cloud as it hovered over a bully at her school, who had been teasing her brother for being a blank flank, and got her cutie mark after realizing how much she loved pranking ponies.

Chance's parents died suddenly one day, a few months after she graduated from Hoofvard college. There was a swarm of parasprites that had eaten the frame of the house (some strange unicorn with a strange spell) and the house collapsed on top of them. Chance was devastated but se stood tall, as she was the rock for her brother.

After that, Chance stayed more positive. She doesn't like being away from ponies for a long time, being that she might never see them again, but she was still most always happy. She got slightly over their deaths, even though it still hurt, but it got better.

Now Chance is living in Ponyville with Partly, in a 2 story house. She has a 'pranking closet' under the stairs where she keeps all her pranking supplies. Chance always has 3 cans of whipped cream, 4 tomatoes, uncooked pasta noodles, (in the little freezer in there) frozen meatballs, pudding, and ice cream. The ice cream isn't for pranking, though.


Mom: Gleaming Cloudy (Deceased)

Dad: Hurricane Cloudy (Deceased)

Brother: Partly Cloudy

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